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On the International Day of Education: ‘Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum’ Organizes “Entrepreneurship in Education” Panel.

On the International Day of Education: ‘Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum’ Organizes “Entrepreneurship in Education” Panel.

AMMAN – Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum
(TAG-KF), a member of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global), conducted a panel
session on the occasion of the International Day of Education - an annual
international day celebrated on January 24. The panel convened under the title:
“Entrepreneurship in Education and Teaching Entrepreneurship”.

Representatives of various youth
institutions took part in the session, in addition to others who participated
digitally through the Forum’s Facebook page.

The session - That was broadcast on Talal
Abu-Ghazaleh Business and Culture Radio & TV - aimed at highlighting
entrepreneurial and startup success stories, especially in the education
sector, as well as sharing their expertise and life-journey experiments with
others who are interested in starting their own businesses and initiatives.

Executive Director of TAG-KF, Mr. Fadi
Daoud, stated that organizing the session comes in line with the Forum’s belief
in supporting learning and entrepreneurship, in conjunction with the
International Day of Education; which was endorsed by the United Nations to
celebrate the role of education in achieving peace and development annually on
January 24th.

During the session, Ms. Samar Obeidat,
founder and CEO of ‘Entro Gate’ and the National Youth Entrepreneurship
Competition, pointed out that she has recently launched a special education
program titled “Entro for Kids” that aims to support educational needs and to
build skills of students at schools, by providing the necessary entrepreneurial
and innovation skills to help them create and implement their own ideas and to
transform them to projects.

She further noted that the program has
successfully expanded to cover many Arab countries, referring to the National
Youth Entrepreneurship Contest which was launched in its third edition with the
participation of  (12-17) years old youth. 

For his part, Co-founder of 9afi for
Education, Eng. Abdullah Alghwairi, stated that ‘9afi’ platform was first
launched from the University of Jordan as an educational initiative with the
aim of establishing a well-based students community that shares university
educational content including notebooks, and past papers and questions.

He noted that the platform was established
during the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown which evidenced the students’ needs
for academic summaries and the difficulties they face to get them, in addition
to the lack of  systematic methods of research, saving data, and

Eng. Ahmed Fareed Al Saif, founder of
Alefredo for Used Books, expressed his pride in receiving the “Social
Entrepreneurship Summit Award 2021”/ the United Nations and the Swiss Embassy,
especially since Alefredo is an Arabic platform for selling used books,
educational digital summaries and mock exams. He further indicated that the
project was established under the slogan “Don’t Throw Your Used Book Away” to
help promote the culture of books’ reuse and recycling, as well as respecting
the intellectual property rights often violated by the trend of photocopying
original books.

On the other hand, Mr. Saddam Sayyaleh,
the founder of (I Learn) Education Initiative, pointed out that his initiative
focuses mainly on building a sustainable system for community assets
development and innovatively recruiting local resources to strengthen
capacities of children and youth in innovation, entrepreneurship, education and
opportunities for community participation; noting that all individuals are able
to make a positive impact in their societies and transform their ideas into
success stories. 

It is worth mentioning that the
participants represent the Crown Prince Foundation, Elia Nuqul Foundation,
INJAZ Foundation, and the All Jordan Youth Committee. That is in
addition to the first-place winning team in the 2021 National Youth
Entrepreneurship Competition, “Woman’s Hand” project, and representatives of
the Roman Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem School in Jordan. 

To watch the recorded webinar, please
click the following link:  

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